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In silence and solitude, where our conversation with the universe takes place, I lose myself, hoping to return with more than what I carried into that vastness, more than the substance I encompass and its portrayal, which is projected into the aether until a mutual exchange blends consciousness with the mysteries of existence in a single breath, inhaled and exhaled, and carried in a vibration, where I am both a part of and severed from the tangle of life and it’s myriad impression… always a memory (with each passing second), a memory that is integrated within the Self who is also consumed and discarded before the next draw of breath. And in that flow, both giving and receiving, everything that is conceivable, and its antithesis, are unified, though each expression becomes a different interpretation of the same encounter, a different point of view that is not in opposition, but in perfect harmony within the same focused confusion that created the world and all of its compliments and contradictions.



The Viewing Party, Friday night, was an absolute blast! It was a full house and a festive atmosphere that was preserved by all the lovely people who engaged with the art and comfortably mingled with one another, good food, and a bartender who kept the drinks flowing smoothly. But it was also one of the most lucrative events I’ve hosted.

Considering the limited space in my studio, I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout or planned a better evening. In fact it’s a little ironic that, on this particular occasion, sales were generated almost organically rather than the result of pursuit. Although three prospective buyers had been invited, for whom I intended to provide a relaxed viewing experience. For everyone else, I simply wanted them to have a good time, on me. And at the end of the day… 9 pieces had been enthusiastically claimed and purchased (with a tenth still being considered).

Perhaps there is a lesson here. Or, perhaps I only properly did my work, having planted seeds that were now ready to harvest. It hasn’t entirely sunk in yet. But my heart remains ready and willing to receive that wisdom.

I fully understand that nobody likes “to be sold”. And I try my best to avoid “Desperation Mode”, which stems from the residual of past losses that re-surfaces from time to time. On the contrary, I also know that I’ve sometimes been too eager and anxious to close a sale as well, inadvertently allowing “doubt” to diminish my ready fire and confidence. But on this occasion, as I opened the door to my first two guests, who arrived promptly at 7:00 pm, I was simply well rested, relaxed, and ready to connect intimately. I felt as if I finally arrived at my own party, in tune with The Universe… and The Universe took care of me.

The Pieces Purchased:


“Contemplating the Multitudes”

Catalog: 1992 - Mar, 2011

“Ballpoint No. 01”



New Work, 2011/2012

“Sensory Projection”

Becoming Aware

“A Second Self”

Catalog: 1992 - Mar, 2011


Catalog: 1992 - Mar, 2011

“Mirror, Mirror”


“First Response”


“Untitled Landscape”

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