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Silent Scream

When a creative dry-spell becomes a drought, I sometimes have to reach beyond the image to recover the fire. I sometimes have to delve into the clutter of a collective creative consciousness, into the minds of artists who inspire me, to find a flicker of my own creative light.

There, in uninhabited space, outside the boundaries of our supposed 10%, we are all relatives. And, as I navigate through clusters of coruscated thought, which appear like stars within a galaxy, it is often the whisper of a word, printed on quiet paper, that resonates. It is often a whisper… that rekindles the flame.

I hear you… You, whom I would also call myself. And I am moved.


There are still six weeks to prepare for WEST… and I already feel behind! Ugh!!

I’m putting in my due diligence, as always, knowing that the myriad experience, in itself, can be nothing less than a success, in exposure and expanded opportunity. Yet I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by the task at hand, for the obvious reason of WANTING to do well, up to the standard I imagine for myself and strive toward (as a proud citizen of Freedom, yearning for the perilous journey I’ve embarked upon to blossom along with spring).

I have to remind myself that there are too many unknown variables involved, which are still beyond my control at this point (due to limited resources – because I’m an artist, dammit! – and not famous – yet). So I can only do what is within my capacity, while sharing that conscious thought with the understanding that whatever shape success decides to take on, it will probably only vaguely resemble what was laid out in “My Master Plan” (lol). But I guess, in some ways, the idea that moments like these seem to take on lives of their own, once fed and animated, is what makes the preparation so exciting. “Shoot for the stars!” they say (which, translated, means – Good luck, you moron! Or, at very best, its a gentle way of saying that you have no idea where you’ll end up – because its space, dude. It’s big. And you’re really only along for the ride anyway). Nonetheless, I shoot in earnest, realizing that it truly is a blind leap as I tumble violently in weightless cartwheels and somersaults, hoping (for some reason) to see the whole of planet Earth in my rear view, quietly thinking… “Oh, shit! What am I doing?!”

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