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I started this blog in 2012, not entirely sure what purpose it would serve or from where I’d draw inspiration, amid such a broad spectrum of ideologies, methodologies, experiences, observations, and inner dialogue. Yet, despite the ambiguity of the endeavor, this blog has remained a faithful companion who has inadvertently become a quiet proving ground for a much larger campaign, one I hadn’t initially planned to undertake (though, in essence, I needed to learn); that of Content Marketing.

Guided by a furious undercurrent of “Urgency”, a steady persistence to avert starvation and remain steadily afloat this now fluid landscape (of online marketing), I’ve relished the opportunity to conduct my own research with every published entry, using Analytics to evaluate Reach, Engagement, and other measurable Insights on a diverse array of topics. And while the amalgamation has not been entirely seamless, it is also not far fetched to believe that, with just a little more consistency, I can efficiently synthesize my professional/creative life with its parallel universe, in cyberspace.

New Work, 2011/2012

“Becoming Aware” copyright 2012, Michael Torres ~ All Rights Reserved

I am an introvert by design. So the real significance and beauty of Social Media is that it furnishes even the most reclusive person with the ability to reach beyond his/her own confines and engage with the outside world. This intermittent interaction has not only kept me sane at times, when fully imbued with the creative fire, but it has also improved many important relationships that, in the past, merely hung in limbo during those prolonged creative periods. Social Media has allowed me to remain both isolated and connected. But more important, it has taught me to listen in a new way… by observing metrics (through which you, my audience, have a voice). Truly “Listening”, after all, is about being present and becoming wholly aware of one’s Self and one’s environment, whose conditions include the internet.

Learning to listen with the entire Self is certainly an obtuse idea. And yet, when carefully considered, it’s not difficult to recognize that when we are truly present in the moment, we not only listen with our ears, but also with our bodies, and with our consciousness, which tells us how we affect and fit into our surroundings. We listen not only to our own voice of reason, but also to our intuition, when internal signals are triggered by an external influence not always seen. But even more profound, is the idea that everything is relative, inexorably because everything we personally encounter is filtered through our own interpretation. This implies, incidentally, that the people we think we are… and the people we are perceived to be… are oftentimes two very different individuals. And I’ll be the thirst to admit that since I finally removed the proud suit of armor I once wore, to preserve “Who and What I am” , I have learned more about myself than I would have previously dared admit was possible. That’s not to say that I’ve altered my natural way of being, but instead, that I have improved the way I present myself, by listening. So as I pursue a state of complete harmony with the universe, learning to enhance intimacy with significant others, to understand my own inherent and indelible Self, etc… Listening has become a permanently open door to such discovery. And it has become the foundation upon which I now build a career from a quiet, creative life.

New Work, 2011/2012

“Projectile”  copyright 2012, Michael Torres ~ All Rights Reserved

In 2012, I was only just beginning my journey, fully committed for the first time. However, by acknowledging the fact that I had no idea how to tackle the enormous task of “Building a Brand”, I allowed myself to accept the universe’s guidance, through Active Engagement and through Discourse… through the everyday conversation of Life. I immerse myself daily, now, in that aura of mutual exchange, and it has enabled my own design and destiny to reveal and express themselves, oftentimes incalculably, simply by getting out of my own way and  admitting that I don’t have all the answers, even though I may clearly see my destination and have already embraced my dream as my reality.


Ah, yes. Sudoku. What was once hidden, is now in full view.

February was spent coordinating an incongruous on-line presence that had been neglected for far too long. I’ve spent hours behind the computer, instead of behind the canvas (woe is me), animating yet another version of myself that is neither spirit nor body, nor a mere contrivance of the mind, for it is substantial enough to permeate the interstices of human interaction. We occupy subliminal space on the internet, all of us linked by signals. And the more we integrate into such a dynamic form… the more we in fact expand and become vastly subconscious (a profound realization I stumbled upon as I advanced throughout the month).

What began as “My Sudoku Affair” has now become a life altering glimpse into the future of the Individual (not just me), who is already present, autonomous and self-sufficient, though we may not clearly see that aspect of ourselves just yet, because it is still something that we (the general populous) simply scoff at or speculate over. So, despite countless exchanges and debates about what the internet means, it still means nothing without active engagement. And yet, through active engagement… it can truly mean Freedom.

February started with a list (refer to “My Sudoku Affair” above), which organically grew and matured throughout the maintenance process. Generalized tasks, such as “1. Contact so-and-so”, progressed into “2. Create Proposal” and “3. Follow up with so-and-so, with quote for…”, which then evolved into a more direct (one step) approach of “Propose purchase of…” (getting right to the point when opening the conversation with each existing client, which proved more efficient). That list has expanded well beyond 140 tasks now (many completed, and many of which are in constant motion now). But what is equally significant is that the list has produced immediate fruit that had not been nurtured before though their seeds were always within reach. I secured 3 sales this month by contacting past clients directly (by email or by phone) and scheduled a fourth studio visit for next week. I also earned a client through referral, and surprisingly sold a piece through my new Facebook page within 48 hours of launching just last week, all of this the result of seeking what I could not see, by starting with what I could see (I know… it sounds much more complicated than it actually is in practice).

Needless to say, this February was a huge victory for me, the best February I’ve had in five years, and better than the entire 1st Quarters of each of the last four years, all thanks to taking the initiative and developing a Content Marketing campaign that includes my Blog, a new Facebook an updated Linkedin account, and concerted Email correspondence. But I will also be launching my Newsletter this week, which will unite all of the above as I prepare to update my Website. And so… I continue to emerge, not by blind leaps or by digging, but by expanding into other forms, and always without compromising the integrity of my work.

But enough about February… What about March?

I guess you’ll just have to read the Newsletter (coming soon).  🙂

~ Cheers!

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