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Having spent the last two and a half months entrenched in administrative work, behind the scenes, I finally feel like I can come up for air again, to breathe, and to escape the unshakable machine of my resolve, which never sleeps.

Consciousness is a battle field. It is an everyday confrontation of abstract forces at work, each fighting to command space and time within the Self. And when the mind and spirit are fully engaged and unified in their efforts, they are relentless in achieving their objectives, furiously striving to conquer a perpetual new set of conditions that challenge each new goal.

Thankfully (for me), I no longer consult my conscience for permission to carve out creative time. I have fostered my expressiveness long enough that it is indelibly linked to all activity born in me. After all, the story expressed in the image is the heart and soul of my endeavor, regardless of obstacles or barriers that require breaching. And the encounter itself, which can be defined by any number of circumstances, is a human experience… not just my own.



WEST is still two weeks away, and everything is falling into place. I don’t think I’ve ever been so prepared. Or if ever I was, it certainly didn’t feel like it.

I think the hardest part of “Emerging” in any profession is learning to juggle the joys of Life with the business of making a living. In the past, I would immerse myself entirely in one or the other, tending toward a feast or famine, all or nothing approach, which inevitably bled into the rest of my day-to-day. But something has changed over the last few years. As I’ve established a (flexible) routine of creativity, networking, and being present (in the moment), Life (in its purest expression) has intervened and revealed a myriad of pleasures, both new and neglected, along my path that has allowed me to confidently stay the course. That doesn’t mean its been smooth sailing all along the way. But, just as I have never felt so prepared… I have also never felt so Loved (by the Universe). And for that blessed feeling… I am Eternally Grateful.

But I digress. For the matter at hand, the West Austin Studio Tour is fast approaching!

The last two weeks have been intense and busy. But my showcase pieces are just a backing-paper away from being complete, and they look amazing! So, all the effort of the last four weeks – retouches, varnishing, framing, correspondence, and the creation of Special Edition Prints (exclusively for this event) – is beginning to evolve into an evocative, soul stirring experience that will truly be a feast for the senses. I almost can’t wait to open my doors… but my work is not done yet.

So, for now… you’ll just have to settle for this teaser.

Press Release: 04/27/15

The West Austin Studio Tour presents: The Home Studio of Michael Torres

The long-anticipated follow up to a 2008 debut. Take the tour and discover art in Hyde Park.

May 9th & 10th: 11am – 6pm

May 16th & 17th: 11am – 6pm

For more information:


My first official entry into the West Austin Studio Tour is complete! Now… it’s waiting time.

Tour Dates: May 9th and 10th ~ & ~ May 16th and 17th (two weekends)

In the meantime, please enjoy the three images included in my submission: Oil on canvas and Mixed Media!

Incongruity Yearning for Something More Undertow

~ Cheers

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