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Silent Scream

When a creative dry-spell becomes a drought, I sometimes have to reach beyond the image to recover the fire. I sometimes have to delve into the clutter of a collective creative consciousness, into the minds of artists who inspire me, to find a flicker of my own creative light.

There, in uninhabited space, outside the boundaries of our supposed 10%, we are all relatives. And, as I navigate through clusters of coruscated thought, which appear like stars within a galaxy, it is often the whisper of a word, printed on quiet paper, that resonates. It is often a whisper… that rekindles the flame.

I hear you… You, whom I would also call myself. And I am moved.

ContinuumSometimes… I get lost in the tangle. I get lost in the confusion of space and time, which carries me through the quietude, an encompassing silence that shares its mass and weight with me until I am no longer discernible from the vastness I’m attempting to fill; not to substantiate it, but to mitigate my own burden, which is comprised entirely of gravity, evidence of the stillness that flourishes at the center of everything.

From the surface, the pattern may appear only to perpetuate the repetitions. But the extremes of that structure have become so abundant and so intricately woven that the accumulation now seems like ornament, from a distance, like a dense cluster of meticulously carved impressions that were purposefully arranged within the enormity, which has no rhyme or reason on its own or within the immediate. Though, we may find ourselves at any time within that same instance.

One of my current projects has become a technical experiment that has awakened the nerd in me. (Oh, yeah!) After showing “Symphony No.01”  for the first time, engaging in numerous conversations about “what it would sound like”, I decided to take the next step in developing the idea and am now converting this abstract piece into a Digital Soundscape, an audible version that will later be used as a second reference for mapping out an actual instrumental composition.

A recent breakthrough came about when I discovered that the software I’ve elected to use (which will be revealed along with the recording at a later date) is designed to read white patterns during the scanning process. That realization took me back to my days as a photographer and using colored filters to create black and white images. But before any scanning could be done, the image first had to reconfigured into a “scan ready” version… and that too has been a process.

Because the original painting was created as four (stacked) movements (as it appears here)…

facebook album

“Symphony No.01”

The image had to be converted into a single linear piece, comprised of all four movements in succession, side by side (shown here).


Then, by converting the image into Grayscale, I was able to isolate individual colors (using simulated filters in Photoshop) which allowed me to create 7 variations of the same piece (shown below), in two Color Spectrums: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). But even after the conversion to grayscale was complete, I also had to invert black and white in each image so that the software would actually scan the painted portions of the piece instead of the background (because it only reads and interprets white).

The final example below is a loose rendition of this process, using a small section of “Symphony No.01”. It shows what the 8 components look like (the inverted b&w images, in both color spectrums, plus the original full-color version) before sound is created. Each individual layer, in the next phase, will be assigned different tones and recorded separately on different tracks before being combined into a single symphonic composition/recording.


To be continued…

~ Stay tuned, for updates!

After a productive month that was spent building a foundation to enhance my Social Media engagement, it’s time to get back to the creative side of my work. It’s time to welcome Spring, and new life, a cycle that never ceases. Though the business may be my structure, Art is still the substance, and that too will never cease.

Blog Images

Canvas Panels

I’ve challenged myself to produce at least 10 – 12 Plein-air pieces this year, along with creating a series of Block Prints and Monotypes, because I love the idea that Art belongs to everyone. But equally important, I’ve also discovered that it truly is the little things that matter, meaning, that it’s the smaller pieces that sustain my business, while the more substantial works help it grow. So as an integral part of Building a career around my skill-set as an Artist, I’ve made it my personal mission to always provide artwork that is affordable on any budget, while still expanding my own creative language, and this simply seemed like a fun and elegant solution, which I look forward to sharing as it progresses.

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Print Making Supplies

~ Stay tuned!

The Viewing Party, Friday night, was an absolute blast! It was a full house and a festive atmosphere that was preserved by all the lovely people who engaged with the art and comfortably mingled with one another, good food, and a bartender who kept the drinks flowing smoothly. But it was also one of the most lucrative events I’ve hosted.

Considering the limited space in my studio, I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout or planned a better evening. In fact it’s a little ironic that, on this particular occasion, sales were generated almost organically rather than the result of pursuit. Although three prospective buyers had been invited, for whom I intended to provide a relaxed viewing experience. For everyone else, I simply wanted them to have a good time, on me. And at the end of the day… 9 pieces had been enthusiastically claimed and purchased (with a tenth still being considered).

Perhaps there is a lesson here. Or, perhaps I only properly did my work, having planted seeds that were now ready to harvest. It hasn’t entirely sunk in yet. But my heart remains ready and willing to receive that wisdom.

I fully understand that nobody likes “to be sold”. And I try my best to avoid “Desperation Mode”, which stems from the residual of past losses that re-surfaces from time to time. On the contrary, I also know that I’ve sometimes been too eager and anxious to close a sale as well, inadvertently allowing “doubt” to diminish my ready fire and confidence. But on this occasion, as I opened the door to my first two guests, who arrived promptly at 7:00 pm, I was simply well rested, relaxed, and ready to connect intimately. I felt as if I finally arrived at my own party, in tune with The Universe… and The Universe took care of me.

The Pieces Purchased:


“Contemplating the Multitudes”

Catalog: 1992 - Mar, 2011

“Ballpoint No. 01”



New Work, 2011/2012

“Sensory Projection”

Becoming Aware

“A Second Self”

Catalog: 1992 - Mar, 2011


Catalog: 1992 - Mar, 2011

“Mirror, Mirror”


“First Response”


“Untitled Landscape”

Today was a lifetime… so eloquently expressed in a heartbeat that seemed like forever.

It was the creative mechanism, the Event of Life, and an angry storm… colliding

One moment, split into three… though they happened simultaneously

Crossing an ocean of time that looked like Heaven, reflected on the tranquil surface of the water

I love days like today, that seem like a bombardment. They remind me that I’m alive and capable of occupying both sides of the equation… both the yin and the yang. Because when all is said and done, we always have the beautiful light to look forward to, the crown of our endurance from such furious expression.

I was working on a new painting today, contemplating the vastness of Self, when a heavy storm blew in. It followed a phone-call that immersed me even further into my meditation, a deep introspection that began in an impenetrable Om… and culminated in an OMG!  🙂  But when the day decided to give way to seductive night, when the last of the paint had been washed off my hands and brushes, and when my heart resumed it’s steady pace… I returned to the light, which is Life, and was fully restored.

~ And now… the calm

Here are the first two layers of, “Inner Cosmos”


And the light that followed.

DSCN4586_Eq DSCN4590_Eq DSCN4593_Eq

~ Cheers

Now that the dust has settled and gravity returns

Now that the sky is clear once again, and heavy

Stars fade into the distance, though the sound of light still penetrates the echo, finding its way toward the center of a dreamlike state that palpitates

“Was it a pyrrhic victory?”, I ask myself.

I may never know; neither now, nor if ever it is too late.

I simply Trust… and Believe… that this Life I know was intended, as it is, a deliberate path that was carved into the wilderness among many jagged paths that lead us into forever, where we leave only traces of our violence, which we call passion

The Studio Tour is over. And like all events that require planning and preparation, there is an anxiety and recovery period that follows. Mine lasted two days. But, at last… normalcy. And for those of you who weren’t able to make it, whether it was distance or timing that spanned between us… I have brought the tour to you, as if we were walking through the jungle together, hand in hand. These images will be your guide, just as I led innocent passers-by.  🙂

My roadside display, leading to breadcrumbs (which also resemble mannequins).

DSCN4484_Eq DSCN4415 DSCN4481_Eq

The way… for those on foot.


A projection of myself, in painting mode… (the first of the breadcrumbs)


leading into obscurity…


Next: The Installation ~  “From the outside looking in”

Concept: From the outside looking in… Sunshine surrenders to the vastness of our potential, which only seems like darkness and uncertainty because of the vagueness of Self.

DSCN4458_EqDSCN4461_Eq DSCN4459_EqDSCN4460_Eq DSCN4462_EqDSCN4463DSCN4466_Eq

And then the final stretch, before the summit…


Awaiting, within…


The End.

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