This story has been twenty years in the making. But it is not my story alone. It is also the untold story of so many artists before me who have ventured into the violent pandemonium of the market, resulting in a broad assortment of near successes and failures.

I myself can only strive to be the exception, because I personally don’t know anyone who has reached the summit of our profession, nationally recognized and celebrated on the merit of their work. Many are called, it seems. But only a few are chosen. And only time will tell if I am one among the few.

I have certainly had my share of triumphs and disappointments, along with many surprises in between, waxing and waning in confidence like the moon against the vast unknown.  So I won’t  pretend to have been a fortress unto myself who has never faltered. Whatever foothold I have secured in this madness has been hard-fought and earned, and I can comfortably claim that as I embark on this voyage to the ends of the earth, I do so with a clearer understanding of the marketplace and a birds-eye view of the labyrinth that awaits me.

Reid Hoffman says, in “the start-up of you”, that “Yes, your aspirations shape what you do. But your aspirations are themselves shaped by your actions and experiences.” We evolve. Therefore, one’s “identity is not found. It emerges.”

That is the destiny I seek… Emergence. Though, not just for myself.  I hope to chart a useful path for other artists to modify and adopt as a guide, because it would be a lonely place at the top of the world alone.