This story has now been 25 years in the making (officially). But it is not my story alone. It is the untold story of so many artists before me who have ventured into the violent pandemonium of the market, resulting in a broad assortment of near successes and failures.

Many are called, it seems. But only a few are chosen. And, in this industry, you need more than time and luck to secure the ultimate prize.

This journey has not always been easy (or fun). And I have certainly encountered my fair share of disappointments, detours, and steps back, en route to every small victory along the way.  So I won’t  pretend to have been a fortress unto myself, whose confidence has never faltered. Whatever foothold I have secured in this madness has been hard-fought and earned. And as I continue on my path, I do so with a clear understanding that nothing is promised (at the end).

But, then again, that was never the point.

The Life… is the Light, after all. Because, it is not the destination, but the journey, that provides the greatest rewards. So, by staying the course, I’m already living the dream, having claimed my right to choose my own course in life.