At the beginning of the year, I casually decided to begin my mornings with a Sudoku puzzle, before anything else; not just for fun, but also, to get the creative mechanism firing on all 16 cylinders (like a Bugatti). It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution or anything, but a random internal suggestion I surrendered to to stimulate brain function before facing the day. And wouldn’t you know, in line with all the other improvised activity that has inundated my life as of late, it has had a tremendous impact on productivity.

3 weeks ago, I compiled a list of things I could do to bolster my business that didn’t cost me a single penny. They were simple things, such as: Promptly responding to emails or other correspondence, Following up with friendly inquiries that could result in opportunities, Organizing my contacts, Etc. The list, in one sitting, became 31 items long, comprised of notes from several notebooks and memo entries in electronic documents. And from there, it has now grown to almost 60 individual tasks that require no more than a few moments each day. I’ve literally committed to just one per day (at very least), and have since closed a sale (through pure initiative) and proposed 4 others, have introduced my blog to a new audience (from 65 under-utilized contacts) and have finally begun tackling the enormous task of coordinating a content marketing campaign that will tie all my social media together (to become more engaging with my audience).

All of this, from a game (because, much of what has been accomplished lately has been inspired work that has eluded me for so long). Wow! It’s amazing how big the little things really are sometimes. So when I took a moment to soak up and consider the significance of my Sudoku affair, it wasn’t difficult to find poetry in it’s simplicity, to find substance in its practice as a building block for solving puzzles (such as Life and Business).

So… for your pleasure… I’ve included a sample below, so that you can SEE how everything truly is present, despite our inability to recognize the completed puzzle at first glance and without closer examination. All the answers are there. But it is our job to probe for clues to find them, so that we can create that bigger picture for ourselves.


~ Enjoy!