Holy goodness! I thought this week would never get here!

What began as my Fall Exhibition, where I planned to unveil a series of abstract and experimental pieces, quickly encountered obstacles that offered unexpected strategic insight, despite delaying the project. I was compelled to re-imagine the occasion (the date already set) into a Viewing Party, now determined to celebrate the event of Life itself, a vast body of work and the supporting cast (of believers) that has kept my dream alive.

The initial concept for the exhibition remains intact and in the works, and it promises to become bigger and better than originally imagined. But for now, final preparations for this Friday‘s festivities are underway, with all the hard work behind me. There will be no more blood, sweat, or tears… unless I hammer a finger while hanging the last few paintings on the wall. And even then… with a steady supply of wine and neglected sustenance to satiate my hunger, any pain encountered this week will taste like victory.

All that remains is my shopping list (of party supplies), which I will tackle with leisure, taking in the brisk fall air and the myriad bouquet of cinnamon and spice and everything nice that the fast approaching Holiday Season brings. I love this time of year, when the scorching Texas heat is reduced to the snap-crackle-pop of a cozy fire. The nostalgia that blossoms under that spell is often beyond words, though the experience is shared. And in that festive spirit, I am ready for a comfortable evening with friends, to cap off another busy (but fruitful) year.