A good friend endearingly asked, as she lassoed me with her kind eyes and playful smile, “Did you bite off more than you could chew again?”

She already knew the answer to that question. She could see it in me as we approached one another, embracing through an exchange of glances. But I didn’t want to disappoint. I strutted my stuff the way I should, mirroring her grin with my own, and replied, “Absolutely.” (as we both laughed)

I knew it would please her to hear it. But it also pleased me to watch her light up and giggle. That is the part of my life I love the most… being able to leap blindly without relent and not seem foolish, because there is calculation in my movement, even if the sums and differences of what I do are barely perceivable. I know that every action counts and contributes toward my calibration. But I also enjoy the challenge of landing on my feet from whatever distance and against whatever odds. I enjoy the rush of the pursuit. And the truth is… it only has to work out perfectly, once… for the game to change forever. That’s life, after all. It is a precarious proposition at best (for everyone). So why shouldn’t we attempt to live it on our own terms?

As you may have guessed, I missed my Tribeza Deadline. (sigh) But all is not lost. I certainly eyed it as a prize, in reaching a target audience. But with two months still to go, there are a number of ways to compensate for the lost advertising spot, such as, a more aggressive campaign through the Chronicle as the exhibit approaches. But it might also be time to call in some help with marketing. (More on this later.)

As for the Prospects I was pursuing: Well… much to my chagrin, I’m still in pursuit (of all four)… but haven’t lost hope. Never!

~ To Be Continued…