My first advertising deadline is only 14 days away and the key component, the elusive “where”, for my fall exhibit is still up in the air. In the past, I would have been worried, feeling like my back was against the wall. But nowadays… Meh. It’s just another day at the office. I’ve grown accustomed to the unhurried pace of my life, despite the maddening pace of my mind, always striving to accomplish something before the sun sets and the moon casts its spells. Even for me, under the influence of the moon and beneath a veil of stars that decorate the vastness, my creative fire burns, eager to fill the darkness with her elegance and radiance. She is the reason for my daytime stirring, so that I may continue to feed her flame.

In my eyes, I am still on course and according to plan, always at the center of this quiet commotion, at the eye of the storm, where I juggle all the metamorphosing pieces that have materialized from mere thought as I attempt to assemble the puzzle. The “Big Picture”, as I imagined it, is much larger than any single project, passed or failed. It is the accumulation of both light and shadow, which gives my life dimension and depth. I am here and now, but also, there on the horizon, at the final destination for which I have set sail with patience as my anchor, to remain present along the voyage while admiring the view of this fluid world we walk on when we dare live out our dreams.

A full update is coming soon. But, for now, I wanted to take a moment to recognize two early contributions that have officially helped launch this campaign: Linn Robinson, who, as a patron, “wanted to give me every advantage possible”, and Havenly Cleans – who proudly jumped at the chance to become a sponsor. Thank you for your generous support!

~ This is just the beginning, ya’ll!