Alright. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

For my upcoming exhibit, the most important detail (other than the art itself, of course) is the venue. I love the idea of using Alternative Space in a prime location, preferably in the downtown area, where East and West merge at the center of Austin’s nightlife. I want the allure of an easy night’s planning, so that the event will be included in everyone’s calendar. But the psychology behind alternative space is to avoid a destination that is already a commercially established entity, anchored by its own qualities and virtues, which can distort the event by implanting preconceived notions of what to expect. I’m not looking for an abandoned or condemned building, but a place that is not currently in use, or perhaps in transition. I want curiosity to drive the audience in, at least for a peak. And I want accessibility, so I can accommodate the audience’s desire to “check it out”.

And the pressure is on now, officially. I just received my marketing packet from Tribeza magazine, and the Deadline for Ad Placement is Oct. 1st, for the November issue. That means I now have 29 days to secure a venue (in all likely-hood, with a deposit), finalize a marketing strategy, finish and photograph the appropriate pieces that will be used for promo, and then design and submit my ad (with payment ~ Hijo de mi madre!). So my worst fear, regarding the largest portion of my expenses, just got a little worse. The time-frame to produce and deliver just got smaller. (Ouch!) It’s on, baby!!

The Target:

I always start from zero, because each project has to pay for itself. Until my normal day-to-day activity can support a more aggressive approach, that’s just the way it is. So, The Perfect Score in this scenario would be to hit the mark of $20,000 over all. That would cover the Estimated Cost ($16,000) plus 25% (which is less than standard in an official “Business Plan”) for Peripheral Expenses that inevitably surface during maneuvering. But the real poetry in doing it myself is flexibility at every stage, which allows me to adapt and overcome, in order to preserve the integrity of my vision for the actual show. The only thing lost in my worst case scenario (Plan X, below) is a broader audience, which would be a serious disappointment but wouldn’t result in total failure. The show would go on, as it must, and new work would still be available for sale… hopefully, to feed the next project. The only failure (as I see it) would be not to try at all, simply because of the obstacles.

An Adjustable Plan: Dependent on Budget

Plan A (Range: $12,000 – $20,000): The Ideal Situation would be in an Alternative Space of my choosing with the complete marketing strategy in play.

Plan B (Range: $8,000 – $11,000): In a Venue or Vanity Gallery (a gallery that rents space to artists, as opposed to one that represents them) with some or most of the marketing executed.

Plan X (Range: $4,000 – $7,000): Viewing Party at my Studio, using basic (invites) and ready sources (such as social media) to promote and host the event online

Less than $4,000: Means, I will just eat and drink well, throughout the Holidays. After all, I work to live… not the reverse.  🙂

This is is how the next three months will be broken down by focus, although tending to certain details will be ongoing throughout the entire process.

September: Raise Capital, Secure a Venue, Finalize Marketing Strategy, Ad Placement (Tribeza Magazine)

October: Production (Mounting and Framing of Featured Works), Continue Raising Capital, Launch Marketing Campaign (Austin Chronicle)

November 1st – 19th: Continue Marketing Campaign (Austin Chronicle), Prepare Venue (Space and Lighting), Arrange and Hang Artwork

November 6th: Dinner Party ~ Hosted by my French Muse, a Collector, to introduce me to her circle of friends.

November 20th: Showtime!

To Be Continued…