No matter how often it happens, I’m never prepared for the calm that – follows – the storm. I tend to feel suffocated by the inevitable creative lull and a prying self-examination that immediately commences at the close of an exhibition or conclusion of some other event. I have such high expectations for everything I do that some level of disappointment is simply unavoidable (as an afterthought). However, despite aiming for the most distant stars, I am more often than not comforted by my return to Earth, where measurable progress keeps the dream alive.

WEST was no different. Although I consciously tempered my expectations, attempting a sort of re-calibration of my mind’s eye, I finally realized just how out of touch I am with reality. (D@mn!) – lol –  I guess it just comes with the territory, being an artist. Or, perhaps the real lesson is this: that a bigger than life outlook is necessary to evolve (continuously, into something more) toward an eventual transcendence of one’s own circumstances (both actual and perceived).

~ Whatever the lesson… Only time will tell. So, for now, I’m simply ready for the next round.