Today was a lifetime… so eloquently expressed in a heartbeat that seemed like forever.

It was the creative mechanism, the Event of Life, and an angry storm… colliding

One moment, split into three… though they happened simultaneously

Crossing an ocean of time that looked like Heaven, reflected on the tranquil surface of the water

I love days like today, that seem like a bombardment. They remind me that I’m alive and capable of occupying both sides of the equation… both the yin and the yang. Because when all is said and done, we always have the beautiful light to look forward to, the crown of our endurance from such furious expression.

I was working on a new painting today, contemplating the vastness of Self, when a heavy storm blew in. It followed a phone-call that immersed me even further into my meditation, a deep introspection that began in an impenetrable Om… and culminated in an OMG!  🙂  But when the day decided to give way to seductive night, when the last of the paint had been washed off my hands and brushes, and when my heart resumed it’s steady pace… I returned to the light, which is Life, and was fully restored.

~ And now… the calm

Here are the first two layers of, “Inner Cosmos”


And the light that followed.

DSCN4586_Eq DSCN4590_Eq DSCN4593_Eq

~ Cheers