Now that the dust has settled and gravity returns

Now that the sky is clear once again, and heavy

Stars fade into the distance, though the sound of light still penetrates the echo, finding its way toward the center of a dreamlike state that palpitates

“Was it a pyrrhic victory?”, I ask myself.

I may never know; neither now, nor if ever it is too late.

I simply Trust… and Believe… that this Life I know was intended, as it is, a deliberate path that was carved into the wilderness among many jagged paths that lead us into forever, where we leave only traces of our violence, which we call passion

The Studio Tour is over. And like all events that require planning and preparation, there is an anxiety and recovery period that follows. Mine lasted two days. But, at last… normalcy. And for those of you who weren’t able to make it, whether it was distance or timing that spanned between us… I have brought the tour to you, as if we were walking through the jungle together, hand in hand. These images will be your guide, just as I led innocent passers-by.  🙂

My roadside display, leading to breadcrumbs (which also resemble mannequins).

DSCN4484_Eq DSCN4415 DSCN4481_Eq

The way… for those on foot.


A projection of myself, in painting mode… (the first of the breadcrumbs)


leading into obscurity…


Next: The Installation ~  “From the outside looking in”

Concept: From the outside looking in… Sunshine surrenders to the vastness of our potential, which only seems like darkness and uncertainty because of the vagueness of Self.

DSCN4458_EqDSCN4461_Eq DSCN4459_EqDSCN4460_Eq DSCN4462_EqDSCN4463DSCN4466_Eq

And then the final stretch, before the summit…


Awaiting, within…


The End.