10:45 pm

I thought this was going to be an easy week, having considered the task (of preparation) done with week one. But, an artist’s work is never done. The creative mechanism keeps grinding until the eleventh hour… and then… disco!

I’ve had an arsenal of mannequins just quietly hanging out in my closet, waiting to become something more than just eye-candy or a fleeting thought. I’d contemplated an installation since I acquired the small army, but hadn’t settled on an idea. At least, not until yesterday… I realized that I should explore the concept of, “dialogue, with the quintessential Self,” which is a recurring theme in the work I’m showcasing during the West Austin Studio Tour.

Read my artist statement here: http://west.bigmedium.org/michael-torres?int_locid=123

I’ll explain the concept tomorrow, when the installation is complete and ready to be consumed. So, in the meantime, here is another Behind-the-Scenes view of the piece in progress.

DSCN4449_Eq DSCN4450_EqDSCN4429_EqDSCN4451_EqDSCN4448_EqDSCN4454_Eq

Now… just waiting for them to dry, for final detailing in the morning.  🙂