Well… That was exciting!

Despite fatigue setting in, compelling me into peaceful slumber before 9:00 last night, opening weekend was everything I had hoped. I got to meet a lot of great people, including neighbors, some of whom have already invited me out for coffee or drinks. And I managed to generate sales, which, at the end of the day, is the reason why we invest time, energy, and our own cheddar to show the work. But, more important, I enjoyed the conversations that emerged, not only as a means by which to expand my capacity to translate the imagery, intentions, and happy accidents into words, but also, because of where art induced discussions tend to lead (into all facets of life experience). The Open-studio is an intimate experience that is shared, an environment that is completely conducive to establishing personal connections, unlike the typical opening at a gallery that is oftentimes inundated with sights and sounds and libations that only culminate into sensory overload. I prefer a “No Tomfoolery” approach, because I simply hate all the B.S. that only diverts from the subject at hand… art.

But I do apologize. I completely failed to photograph Sunday’s mannequin display, which will be different every day of the tour. So, once again… you’ll have to settle for a mere puzzle piece of my roadside display – which seemed to work wonders, by the way (Thanks for asking). I encountered several visitors who expressed their unexpected pleasure of discovering the studio “by chance”, completely unaware of the tour. They were innocent passers-by caught in my lure, who simply followed the mannequins to their destination… my studio.  🙂

~ Stay tuned! Next week should be even bigger.