As a full-time artist, one that hasn’t quite broken the elusive barrier of “having made it”, life is an amusement park filled with roller coaster days, weeks, and months. However, cotton candy and funnel cake are extra. That’s the sugar on top.  And right now, I’m in a lean week, having barely escaped a lean month. So lo! And behold!  When upon my doorstep stood my brother bearing foodstuffs for the week… it made me feel a bit like Vincent Van Gogh, though with both ears still intact.  🙂

Special Note: For those of you who don’t know the story, Theo was Vincent’s younger brother, the single person in Van Gogh’s life who unfailingly supported him until his death. However, theo-… as it occurs to me now, quite curiously… also relates to God (as in, theology – the study of the nature of God and of religious beliefs).



What can I say? Sometimes, when we push hard enough, the universe is simply willing to bend for our benefit. And luck, it seems (whatever name one must give it), is beginning to shine through every crack and around every corner, so that even in the leanest of times I no longer starve.

Therefore… Thanks little brother, for resembling Theo (in every respect)!