I didn’t mean to keep you waiting or wondering if I’d return. I’ve been unavoidably detained by the escalating commotion in my life, the impassioned uproar of everything, all at once. And what a beautiful ruckus it has been, this deliberate and personal encounter with all my faculties, to perceive and be perceived however I was intended, because both impressions are significant in so precise a moment, even if everything changes with the very next breath, becoming clearer, or more obscure. How can any of it truly be comprehended when everything infinitely expands in butterfly effect, with or without our consent? We are but one long series of impressions and interpretations that is confounded and defined by our effects, all of them, all at once, so that each of us is a myriad of one’s self, neither true nor false.

And so, I too rise and fall simultaneously. And from that negation, a surge from which this entry now emerges, a much-needed break from endless occupation. I want to write, and to breathe quiet breaths that hardly stir the waters, if only for a moment. I want to write. And I want to breathe.

And so, in as few words as possible (for I have now written)…

The far-away place where I have been, the heavily guarded chamber of all yesterdays past, has been emptied and cleared of its debris.

And now (even if only for one moment more)… I shall breathe.