I meant to post this Sneak Peak for you yesterday. – Oops! –  But I decided to be lazy instead. Sorry folks.  🙂

When I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything on Saturday, I realized just how exhausted I really was from the “big event” the night before and all the preparations that went into Opening Night of, “Where Shall We Go?”. If event hangovers could be measured on a scale, it would have settled in nicely at 8.5 – just enough to disrupt the universe around me within a degree or two of separation (courtesy of cause and effect).

Saturday’s schedule consisted of:

A BBQ at 5pm… didn’t go (and I’m sure hearts were broken).

A friend performed at 8pm, downtown… didn’t make it (and I’m sure the music suffered).

Then, I was eagerly anticipating a late dinner… which turned out to be chips and salsa instead. Steaks (and yes, a four-pack of Old Rasputin) were abandoned in the cold and lonely emptiness of my refrigerator, while I sat at my computer doing nothing but staring at the screen that was already in sleep mode (where I should have been – long before that depressing sight).

Oh, well. At least turn out at the opening reception was worth the short notice and all the exertion that went into two weeks of creating new work and framing several pieces (specifically for this exhibit). It was a full house and great time. And, that’s all one can really wish for.

So, without further ado… The Experimental Works, currently on display at Gallery Black Lagoon (Austin, TX). Enjoy!

The Display, at Gallery Black Lagoon

The Display, at Gallery Black Lagoon

"Refuge" ~ Oil, dirt, and grass

“Refuge” ~ Oil, dirt, and grass

"Building Blocks" ~ Mixed Media

“Building Blocks” ~ Mixed Media

"Dreamscape, with Lawn Clippings" ~ OIl and yard debris

“Dreamscape, with Lawn Clippings” ~ Oil and yard debris

"Finding the Right Words" ~ Mixed Media
“Finding the Right Words” ~ Mixed Media

"Just Because" ~ Writing Paraphernalia (odds and ends)

“Just Because” ~ Writing Paraphernalia (odds and ends)

Scraps: from "Just Because"

Scraps: from “Just Because”

Full Wall, with scraps  :)

Full Wall, with scraps 🙂