“Where Shall We Go?” is the theme of an upcoming exhibition that opens this Friday (link attached – for those in the Austin area). But it has also become a persistent question that resonates in my most recent work.

After having spent two-and-a-half years in (relative) seclusion, focusing my energy entirely on my art, I also stumbled into the trenches of my innermost, the battlefield of memories, heartbreaks, and desires. It was the result of time, which weighs on you more heavily when it belongs to you entirely, without a work schedule, romantic interests, or a social life. No matter how inspired I was in the beginning, the inevitable moments of contemplation began to seep into every minute that was not occupied, and all I could do, when the peaceful silence was no longer peaceful, was deal with it. There was no running from myself when that Self was where I resided and sought refuge (as many artists do).

My sojourn was not always easy to endure. But it was the most productive and meaningful moment of my adult life (to date). I came out of it with 102 new pieces and a clean slate, having healed old wounds through catharsis.  Without new experiences to tap into as a resource, I couldn’t help but draw from reserves of the past, exhausting any remaining significance they contained. And now… I am the blank canvas, upon which I am ready to paint my masterpiece. Although, where I go from here… I’ll decide one moment at a time.

For those able, please join me for the opening reception of “Where Shall We Go?” – a group exhibition at Gallery Black Lagoon where I’ll be showcasing new, experimental works.