Well, well, well.

Life is a whirlwind. And sometimes, you just have to go where it takes you.

So much has transpired since my last post, six months ago, that I won’t even attempt to fill the gap with long-winded explanations. At least, not all at once. Although, some of it may be of some importance later.

For now, let me just give you a summary, placing in a nutshell what has always been of arborescent disproportion (like a tree, the course of life):

I have served my time (in residence, not prison) over many sunsets and sunrises. I have sold just enough artwork to do what needs to be done, always patient on my path. I moved back to Austin, TX, where my heart is, and have settled into a nice, one room palace (where I watch squirrels and dump trucks from my window).

Since returning, I have remained productive, adding to my arsenal of new work (which is quickly becoming immense). But, I have also laid the groundwork for what is to be the next stage of my “Emergence”. And, as I stand now… I’m still around 5’10″… but feeling much bigger.  😉

Yes. I’m back! Revitalized and ready to continue this journey with you. And I look forward to stumbling along with this blog until I finally find my rhythm.

So, thank you… for hanging around.