When I first set up this WordPress account, I remember approaching it with such youthful bravado, telling myself (as if I had something to prove), this is going to be a breeze!  Yet, as I finally reach the milestone of Post #10, so many months later, I realize that I hardly knew (then) what I was really getting myself into.

Sure, I was brimming with ideas. But, having to tame and organize a collection of whimsical musings, intermingled with the perpetual grind of creativity and an evolving enterprise, was something I wasn’t quite prepared for.

Still, I am grateful for having started this blog, because it has helped me navigate through some of the tough decisions encountered during my transition back into the Event of Life, even if you don’t always see the fruit of that exhaustive labor here. This blog has been a huge part of my metamorphosis, from obscurity into realization, serving (almost) as my conscience, urging me to look more intently at the Big Picture of my life and not always at the moment, which is fleeting.

I understand the concept of “Now”, the only moment that is (in fact) REAL. I thrive in the presence of today, which is sufficient unto itself. However, infused and driven by a sense of destiny as well… tomorrow is also today, a single moment overlapped and simultaneous, though currently (within the scope of my awareness) not entirely in sync.

But I digress. I didn’t pursue this entry to tell you who or what I am, or how this all ends. I’m here to tell you to fasten your seat belts, because you are in for a ride! So, as I map out the next ten-or-so entries, I feel obligated to confess a few things that might help you weather the impending storm of my creative process, which is both visceral and cerebral.

First of all, life is full of surprises. So although I may announce what is coming up next… I follow no formula. Therefore, think of those announcements as “pending topics”, in progress but not necessarily next in line. I’m an artist, and I sway with the momentum of every experience (good or bad). But, I am also analytical by nature. Therefore, I must process that same experience before it is of any use to either of us (you or I). But I will attempt (at least) to write with more frequency.

Secondly, because no plan is entirely fool-proof, I can safely predict that a re-evaluation will take place (at some unspecified point in time), modifications will be made (at my convenience), and/or the strategy will be abandoned all together (just for spite). So don’t expect anything… and you won’t be disappointed. That is the best advice I can give you, if you want to get the most out of this lifetime or this blog.

But more important, in regards to this blog specifically, I feel I must explain, to some extent, my greatest flaw in matters of writing. So, before you delve to deeply into these eccentric displays of inspired rambling, which I embrace purely for lack of eloquence and brevity, please be warned that I am not a technical writer.

I have developed, perhaps by some defect of an over-active imagination, an insatiable appetite for words; not only for their ability to broaden the landscape of our imagination, but also, for their propensity to vivify (or embellish) the very expression of one’s Life experience, both encountered and perceived. However, much to my dismay, I’ve come to realize that I actually weave more so than I write. Each character then, and every subsequent word and sentence is but a thread from my relentless spool, which merely outlines the silhouette of my reflection. And ONLY in finale, as the thought reaches its fringe, is a declaration interwoven so as to complete the tapestry.

As a consequence, I am often curious whether substance is lost amid such obsessive weaving. Or, if like the impressionist, who meticulously (and paradoxically) only hints at what he wants to convey, my words are but wild (though calculated) strokes of paint from a literal palette that only introduce a subject for you to define.

But, even more dysfunctional… I sometimes wonder if I simply construct these sumptuous delicacies purely for my own amusement, to satisfy my own voracious appetite. (Hmmmm?)

So, be forewarned. At best, I can merely conclude (within myself) that the effectiveness of my delivery is inconclusive; though, perhaps, not entirely a fruitless endeavor. After all, everything is relative, and the merits of such uninhibited verbosity are ultimately determined by the translator, which in this case is you. So with any luck, you may be better endowed (than I am) with the faculties to extrapolate purpose and meaning from an otherwise exhausting method of writing something so simple.

I write because I derive great pleasure from it, whether I am long-winded or not. And I hope that my growing sense of liberty will provide, at very least, a brief moment of unexpected amusement (for you),  which is all one should truly hope for. And only if we are truly lucky… may we discover something more profound along the way.

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