In 2009, I participated in my first group exhibition in New York, just four months after my solo debut in Austin, TX. I was pleasantly surprised to have bridged the gap between the dusty panhandle and the Chelsea art district so quickly. Though it was certainly the result of relentless endeavor, which I will cover in future posts.

Attending the opening reception was inspiring, not only to experience the energy in the atmosphere, as an invited guest among a curious audience, but also, the simple feeling of being in New York as an artist on “official business”.

I grew up in cotton country, in a college town where art culture is served one day out of the month… as a side show or appetizer to the rest of that weekend’s amusements.  So this was my first real taste of a Gallery Circuit that truly appreciates its artist’s, as members of the community who also contribute to the local economy, and I was the lucky one whose work was chosen as the face of the exhibition, published in the Gallery Guide, New York. Yet, despite all my firsts in the Big Apple, I never felt like a tourist. My sightseeing had happened two and half years prior to visiting, when I began my research. I was a tourist in my mind’s eye then, before my introduction into the center of the art world. But upon arrival, I felt very much a part of that rhythm that had long enchanted me. I was a new, interchangeable piece in that big machine, still rough around the edges, but integrated into the machinery of my own dream.

That is where my current journey began. And that is where this story leads; back to New York, God-willing, as a permanent impression in the enthusiastic minds of the art-loving community. But just as I make no apologies, I will also make no promises. I won’t pretend to know what my future has in store for me. All I can do is my best, having now stated my intention. And therefore, it is the universe that must bend in acceptance. Many great artists have passed before their realization. And many lesser ones, those with the knack for attracting attention and notice, have flourished. I don’t know to which class I belong. I simply am… and do as I was designed.

For those of you already subscribing to this blog, I  THINK  I finally recognize how to proceed along this course, charting progress and missteps as a guide for those looking for answers or a fresh perspective, and I will attempt to limit random entries that do not directly contribute toward the cause of illumination, offering Hope while helping other “artists” (any creative conscience) SEE a way through the obstacles of emerging in a seemingly saturated market. But I look forward to carrying everyone who happens upon me here, en route, and I hope to satisfy each of your interests in some capacity along the way.

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